10 Online Courses to Learn HTML and CSS for Free
10 Online Courses to Learn HTML and CSS for Free

Are looking to learn HTML and CSS for free?

While this site can certainly give you cool little coding tidbits to apply for your site, you may have a hankering to learn how to do this coding all on your own.

I know I did once upon a time – and I had so much fun learning it!

But is it worth learning HTML and CSS in 2021?

Having this knowledge is not entirely necessary when creating and running a blog, especially with so many free and paid blogging platforms out there that you can use to make a nifty looking site.

So if you don’t feel like diving into coding is your thing, there’s no need to push yourself into it.

Plus, I will always be here to provide you with easy-to-follow HTML and CSS tutorials! You’ll always be able to gussy up your site if you find HTML and CSS difficult to learn.

Why Learn HTML and CSS?

With so many free templates out there for every blogging platform imaginable, why would anyone bother to learn how to code in HTML and CSS?

Unless you’re just a code geek like me, there are many reasons why you should learn how to code!

For instance, knowing how to build a website gives you the tools to personalize your site to better match your brand and image. With CSS coding knowledge, you can make changes to aspects of your site such as your headers, fonts, colors and more!

This is important because there are so many mom bloggers out there using free templates such as Astra and Elara.

When you know how to hack your code, you can make significant changes to the look and feel of these templates – helping you stand out from the rest!

Like I mentioned, you can always come back to my blog to learn little tricks and tips that I will walk you through from start to finish – even if you’re a beginner, or have no knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can easily follow along.

However, you also have an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and horizons by checking out these sites where you can learn HTML and CSS for free!

1. Khan Academy

At Khan Academy, you can take their Intro to HTML/CSS course for free!

This course features videos of the instructor as well as a text editor that shows you coding output in real time as the instructor speaks. Plus, there are learning challenges along the way that allow you to edit code to enrich your learning experience.

Khan Academy’s course to learn HTML and CSS is great for beginners and covers all of the basics.

2. Frontend Masters

The Frontend Masters Bootcamp is a crash course in learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript that is offered for free!

All you need to do is sign up to access this 21-hour course that features videos and opportunities to practice what you are learning.

Frontend Masters plans on offering this course for free indefinitely, in the hopes that more people will contribute to web development. And, if you want to learn more, they do offer more advanced (paid) courses.

3.  Interneting is Hard

The name of this school is spot-on and the course name only gets better! Interneting is Hard offers a free course called HTML & CSS Are Hard.

The funny thing is, this course is designed as a friendly tutorial for complete beginners which will inherently prove that, once you learn how to code, it really isn’t that hard.

I really love how this course is laid out, with each section covering a basic concept and the next building on it.

4. Don’t Fear the Internet

This eight-part series called Basic HTML & CSS for Non-Web Designers is a great starting point for beginners to learn HTML and CSS.

The course creators offer short tutorial videos that will teach you how to take a basic WordPress blog and use CSS and HTML to create a unique look and feel.

There’s not really a hands-on component to this course, but the videos are clearly laid out and you can easily follow along in your own WordPress account.

5. Udemy

You’d be surprised how many free little gems you can find in Udemy’s course catalogue, but Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Beginner Web Development by MindMekka is one of them.

Don’t let the numbers in the title scare you – HTML5 and CSS3 are just the latest versions of each coding language. When other courses refer to just HTML and CSS, they are referring to these versions.

From start to finish this course only takes about 3 hours but covers so much information about HTML and CSS.

6. W3Schools

This open book reference site has a variety of coding courses open and available to the public for free! This means that you don’t have to sign up to access their lessons.

However, W3Schools has a sort of teach-yourself environment but their modules are very hands-on and the information is easy to understand.

This site is also a great reference tool once you get into coding. If you get stuck, or need a particular piece of code, you can find it here.

7. Codecademy

Perhaps one of the most popular sites on this list, Codacademy can help you learn HTML and CSS for free in small bites.

As you’re learning, the screen is split into two so you can see the effects of your coding as you write it.

Your progress is marked so it’s easy to track as you work through the courses.

8. HTML Dog

HTML Dog offers tutorials in HTML and CSS – as well as techniques, examples and references.

Their goal is to present coding languages such as HTML and CSS in readable and easy to understand ways.

While the material isn’t presented in a course-like manner – meaning that there is no progress tracking and realtime practice – the content is clearly laid out and easy to follow.

9. Shay Howe

The online coding tutorials by Shay Howe covers a variety of web design and development topics, including HTML and CSS.

The best part about this site is they offer beginner courses as well as advanced courses for free!

Again, these are tutorials and not full courses, but are still full of useful and easy to understand information.

10. Udacity

This free course on Udacity, called Intro to HTML and CSS, will teach you how to use HTML to create websites and CSS to style them.

There are interactive quizzes and a student support community to help you with your progress.

This course does take around three weeks to complete but provides a solid foundation for web design.

Ready to Learn HTML and CSS for Free?

It only takes one course to get you on your way to learning how to code in HTML and CSS!

Good luck and have fun falling down the super cool rabbithole of coding!

Have you tried an online course to learn how to code? Share your experience in the comments below!

Coding, design, and writing are my happy places. I can lose all track of time when I’m working on my blogs.

I hope here at MNC you will find the answers to your questions and some inspiration to make your blog or site really totally cool!

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