How to Use Tailwind for FREE (Pinterest Without Paying!)
How to Use Tailwind for FREE (Pinterest Without Paying!)

Have you been banging your head over your Pinterest marketing strategy and trying to figure out a way to organize your pinning schedule without spending money on Tailwind?

Once upon a time, I did. I made up fancy Google spreadsheets that listed all of my blog posts and finagled a pinning schedule and then I immediately trashed the whole idea because I did not have the time to bother with any of that nonsense.

So I signed up for Tailwind and fell in love with the automated scheduling system! It was fantastic – until I reached my 100 pin limit and had to start paying.

Which I did and, honestly, I really didn’t notice a huge jump in traffic but I absolutely loved how organized Tailwind is and I did gain some good traffic from my Tribes.

But I’m cheap and I have dreams so I canceled my memberships and figured out how to use Tailwind for free – and now I want to share how super simple it is with you!


Why Use Tailwind At All Without All the Fancy Features?

Using Tailwind for free does involve manual pinning – so why use it all at?

There are two very good reasons: organization and Tribes.

Yes, you’re going to end up bulk pinning each day but Tailwind allows you to create board groups (you can add all of your group boards to one list, for example), pin to Tribes, and compile all of your pins into a schedule.

This means that each day, you can hop into Tailwind and manually pin your scheduled pins for that day. The only difference between doing it yourself and paying for Tailwind Pro is that your pins are not scattered throughout the day.

If you have only a handful of pins, you can manually pin them once a day. If you have a lot, you can go in and pin in the morning and the evening. Doing so does not take a whole lot of time!

Plus, you can continue to add your pins to your Tribes. Tribes are a great way to get exposure and have your pins shared across multiple accounts!

So while using Tailwind for free does take a little extra effort, you can definitely benefit from some of its features while building traffic to your blog. Here’s how it works:

How to Use Tailwind for Free

1. Download the Tailwind Browser Extension

Having the Tailwind browser extension is going to save you a buttload of time! With one click of a button, you can bring up all pinnable images on a page, click the ones you want to pin, and add them to your Tailwind schedule.

This will help you go through multiple blog posts when you’re adding pins to your schedule. You can even use it directly on Pinterest to add content from other users – which you should do because you don’t want to flood your Pinterest account with only your own pins.

In order to get the Tailwind browser extension, click on whatever link matches your browser and follow the instructions:

Once installed, simply click on the little Tailwind icon at the top of your browser and a screen will pop up showing you all of the pinnable images (see image above). Click on the images you want to pin and then click on the “Schedule” button.


2. Schedule Your Pins

So now that you have the Tailwind extension installed on your browser, it’s time to start pinning! Just go to the post you want to share, click the Tailwind icon, select your pins, and hit “Schedule”.

In the next screen, you’ll be asked to indicate which boards you want to pin to. I always have 3 pin images per post, so I try to spread them out amongst my boards. I choose one image to pin to my Pinterest group boards and one to pin to my Tribes (sometimes they are the same pin).

Remember that you’re going to be bulk pinning, so don’t overload your board with the same pins! Try to pin a few articles at a time to vary the pins hitting your feed. It helps too to pin from other creators – you can use the Tailwind extension in Pinterest or on any blog post your want to share.

When it comes to Tribes, you have to manually go into your Tribes and share from there.

All of these pins are going to land in your Tailwind Schedule for you to start pinning!

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3. Start Pinning!

To use Tailwind for free, you need to go into your Tailwind Schedule and manually post each pin. To the right of each pin is a little icon that looks like a pin on a stack of papers. Hover over that and you’ll get 3 options: Back to Draft, Pin Now, and Delete.

When you click “Pin Now”, the pin is pinned to your Pinterest profile. That’s it! Continue to do this for as many pins as you want to add to your Pinterest feed for the day.

Now, this is the caveat to not paying for Tailwind. Instead of having Tailwind automatically pin your pins, you’ll have to go in and do this yourself.

When I’m pinning only a small amount of pins, I’ll get this done in the morning. When there’s a lot of pins, I’ll do another round at night.

I also like to give my Tailwind Schedule a little shuffle (look for the “Shuffle Queue” button to the right) just so I don’t have a string of identical pins in my feed.

Does this method take more time? Yes. Does it save you money? Also, yes.

It’s important to note that your pins will not sit in your schedule forever. If the scheduled time passes, the pin will disappear – unless you leave the browser tab open with your schedule and avoid refreshing the page.

And that’s it! It takes some time getting used to the routine of pinning manually from Tailwind for free but if you’re on a tight budget it’s definitely worth the extra time.

Wait…Can I Still Grow Blog Traffic Using Tailwind for Free?

Since I switched to using Tailwind for free, I have not noticed a significant decrease in blog traffic.

Using Tailwind without paying can benefit your traffic in some ways. For instance, while Pinterest does not penalize Tailwind pins, it does recognize them as repins. Regularly scheduled pins directly from your blog are seen as fresh pins and more likely to pop up on the feeds of Pinterest users.

Plus, you still get to benefit from using Tailwind’s Tribe feature!

Yes, you may see a decrease in traffic because you are not pinning as regularly but it’s a toss-up between more traffic or paying more money. If the traffic to your site helps you generate revenue from your blog, paying for Tailwind is a sound investment.

However, if you’re just starting out with your blog, I would recommend saving your money. Once your blog gets going and you start bringing in some money, consider working Tailwind into your budget.

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We’re Done Here!

And that’s all I really have to say about using Tailwind for free. It takes some extra time out of your schedule but can save you a significant cost if you’re not ready to invest a chunk of change into your blog.

I’ve tried other methods of organizing and scheduling my pins without Tailwind but it’s an absolute nightmare. This free workaround definitely lifts the burden of keeping track of what pins need to be pinned when.

Have you tried using Tailwind for free? Or do you have an amazing pinning hack you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to Pin/add to your Tailwind schedule!

Coding, design, and writing are my happy places. I can lose all track of time when I’m working on my blogs.

I hope here at MNC you will find the answers to your questions and some inspiration to make your blog or site really totally cool!

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