Learn how to create a website from start to finish including how to set up a blog’s theme and adding content!


setting up your


Themes &




Posts & Pages

Get Your Site Up and Running in No Time!

Setting Up Your Blog

Registering Your Domain

Signing Up for Web Hosting

Installing WordPress

Adding Content

Creating Posts and Pages

About Me and Contact Pages

Footer and Sidebar Content

Themes and Customization

Finding and Installing Themes

Customizing with CSS

Using Plugins and Widgets

Ready to Create an Amazing Blog in Only 3 Steps?

Setting up a website can be a huge task – it can seem like there’s a lot involved in getting it done.

But thousands of people everywhere who have done it know it’s worth the effort.

Websites are a big money-maker nowadays and the key to monetizing a site is to have it properly set up.

I started building websites in 2001 back when all you had to do is sign up for a free Geocities account and fill your site with Comic Sans and cat pictures.

We’ve thankfully evolved since then but so did the process. I want to help you build an amazing and successful site with no hassle!

Get your site up and running lickety split!

This course is broken down into 3 simple steps that will walk you through setting up your site through a web host, customizing the look to match your brand, and filling it with engaging content!

Successful bloggers know that having a user-friendly and eye-catching website is important when it comes to engaging readers, driving traffic, and making money.

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