Hi, I’m Chelsy.

I am a web designer, blogger, freelance writer, single mom and total geek.

I believe Snapchat filters are an acceptable form of professional photography.


My Story

It was the summer of 2002 and I had my first job working in a computer access centre.

It was basically my high school’s computer lab but, every summer, they opened it to the public.

No one came.

Which worked out dandy for me, because my co-worker spent the summer teaching me about HTML and CSS and a smattering of PHP.

Up until that point, I knew how to make a website through Geocities and Tripod – and it was just as horrible as you’re picturing it in your mind right now.

But the knowledge he imparted on me opened doors to the world of web design and I haven’t stopped since.

Somewhere along the line, people started paying me to write their stuff and suddenly I found myself immersed in the world of freelance writing.

And I thought, “Hey! Why not teach people these skills so they can create their own blogs?”

They say in the world of blogging, write what you are passionate about – and I am passionate about all this crap.

Coding, design and writing are my happy places. I can lose all track of time when I’m working on my blogs.

I hope here at MNC you will find the answers to your questions and some inspiration to make your blog or site really totally cool.



What I do:

Apart from drinking a lot of coffee, I love to design and build websites.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to coding a website and I always felt that my knowledge was moot because I was unable to make fancy tech-laden layouts.

But I can code a website from scratch – and I’ve learned a few things along the way.

As I started connected with other mom bloggers, I noticed that they struggled to edit and place code on their web sites as well as write readable and informative content.

Sound familiar?

How MNC can help you:

Build a Brand

Unless you’re blogging for fun, you’re probably trying to make money from your efforts. Customizing your site to showcase your brand is key in attracting readers, clients and customers.

Have a Unique Image

In order to stand out from every other blog out there, you need a design and functionality that is unique to your brand and personality.

Provide Valuable Content

In order to build trust with readers, clients and customers, you need to portray yourself as an expert in your niche. This is done through properly crafted content.

I want to hear from you!

While I can sit here and spew out article after article about how to design and customize your blog, I’m curious to find out exactly what you want to know!

If there’s an issue I can’t solve off the top of my head, I will find the answer.

I want to tailor this site to the moms who are actively seeking this knowledge.

So don’t forget to get in touch by visiting the contact form – or you can email me directly at chelsy@mamaneedscoffee.online.

My courses

Website 1-2-3

Coding | Blogging | Layout & Design

Ready to start a blog from scratch? This course will walk you through the entire process – all of which you can finish in one weekend!

CSS Basics for Creating Your Brand


Learn what CSS is and how it can be used to personalize your site and strengthen your image and brand.

Color Scheme Mini-Course


Did you know that people develop different emotional connections to different colors? Find the right color palette to enhance your site and brand!

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