8 Secrets to Balancing Motherhood and Blogging (from Successful Mom Bloggers!)
8 Secrets to Balancing Motherhood and Blogging (from Successful Mom Bloggers!)

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Are you struggling to get your blogging done with little ones running amok?

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught me, it’s how to balance working from home while having my kiddo around.

Luckily, she’s at an age where she can entertain herself and – BONUS! – she’s back in school.

However, not all moms have those quiet hours to get work done and write content with toddlers and babies to take care of. Trying to blog and care for children can be a real struggle.

But if you’re serious about pursuing your dream of making a living online, there’s no reason you should give up just because you have children!

There are many moms out there who have made blogging for living a reality and I’m going to share with you their secrets:


1. Elna at Twins Mommy: Keep the Kids Busy

Elna Cain is a freelance writer and mompreneur who helps and guides moms through creating blogs, online marketing, driving traffic and how to do it all while taking care of kids. In her case, she built a her empire while raising twins!

She started blogging before her twins were two years old, so you can imagine the insight she has into balancing blogging with motherhood.

Her key to success in this matter is keeping her little ones busy while working on her sites and writing. This wasn’t always easy since, although her twins had each other to play with, many arguments would arise between them.

I mean, they are siblings after all.

To work around that, she came up with clever ways to keep her twins occupied so she could have more time to grow her blog and income.

Travelling around her home with her laptop, she used clever activities to keep her kids occupied while she works. Check out her 21 clever activities here!

2. Erin at Mama Bear Bliss: Get Organized

Once you can keep your kiddos busy, you need to maximize the time you have to get your blogging done. Erin at Mama Bear Bliss emphasizes the importance of getting organized when it comes to time management.

First, she suggests using a planner to lay out your to-do list. You can buy one or use the free printables she offers on her site.

Next, you need to focus on your blog plan. You can’t maximize your time unless you know what you’re doing with it. This includes not only mapping out the content you wish to write but also your goals for your blog as well.

She goes on to point out the importance of looking at your blog as a business and not a hustle – especially if you are looking to make a significant income from it. When you treat your blog like it’s your job, you’re more likely to see results.

To learn more about Erin’s tips for balancing blogging with motherhood, check out her article here.

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3. Kari at Mompreneur Money: Be Consistent

Another mom to twins, Kari is writer and blogger who shares her entrepreneurial tips with other moms who want to start making money from home.

She suggests focusing on consistency when it comes to building your blog and online income. This means waking up at the same time every morning, scheduling your breaks and trying not to do everything at once.

Kari points out that, in order to maintain stability in your life, you need to evenly distribute your time and effort on both blogging and living.

If you can get into the habit of giving yourself the same blocks of time each day to work on your blog, you’ll learn how to manage your time and increase your productivity.

Read more about her tips here.

4. Tabitha at Fresh Mommy Blog: Strive for Excellence, Not Perfection

One piece of advice I give to moms over at my motherhood blog is to stop striving for perfection and accept “good enough”. Tabitha at Fresh Mommy Blog takes this one step further by defining the difference between perfection and excellence.

Excellence, as she explains it, is doing what you can with what you have. I love this because it means you can still reach your goals without stressing out about doing things perfectly.

When it comes to start a blog for income, you are going to fail. I have, many times. But instead of holding off on my next attempt until every thing is perfectly in place, I forge ahead learning from the mistakes I’ve made.

Tabitha reminds us that trying to be perfect is as impossible as finding complete balance. Once you release the pressures of perfection, you’ll find more time and headspace to focus on your goals and achieve results.

Head over to her article for more great tips on balancing motherhood with blogging!

5. Kelly at Donuts and Daisies: Work When the Kids Sleep

Once upon a time in my life, I probably would have thought this advice impossible. I mean, when am I supposed to get everything else done if not when my child is asleep?

Think about this way though: What’s easier? Cleaning while your child is awake or blogging while your child is awake?

Kelly from Donuts and Daisies learned to let go of doing it all and focused on doing what she could. Her son’s nap times were the most optimal times to get blogging done. The rest of the housework either got done while he was awake or, sometimes, not at all.

Like I mentioned in my last tip, balance does not equate perfection. There are days you are not going to get everything done and days where you’re going to rock it like a hurricane.

So Kelly has a great point: If you’re serious about blogging, take those quiet moments to get it done. Everything else can wait.

You can read more about her tips here.

6. Suzi at Start a Mom Blog: Set Your Priorities

Suzi Whitford is a mother of three and runs a widely successful site that helps moms start and grow their blogs. When it comes to balancing blogging with motherhood, she offers a plethora of advice.

My favorite tip of hers is setting 1-2 priorities every day. This means waking up with the intent of completing just a couple of tasks. These should be important tasks that will make you feel accomplished by the end of the day.

With such a small list of priorities, you’re sure to get one done first thing in the morning. Then you’re halfway there! No matter how your day goes, you know you’ve done the most important thing on your list.

Doing this will not only help you manage your time but also give you a sense that you are working toward your goal. If you don’t keep track of those little victories, the whole thing will start to feel like a waste of time and you may feel tempted to give up.

Remember, all these moms I’m talking about did it with kids. It is 100% doable!

You can read the rest of Suzi’s tips here.

7. Heidi at Occasionally Perfect: Let Go of Guilt

Heidi at Occasionally Perfect figured out how to find beauty in the chaos of motherhood. To her, these are precious memories and not a reason to feel guilty or inadequate.

So often as moms we get too hard on ourselves about the way we raise our children. I know sometimes I feel bad for letting my child watch 1456 hours of YouTube just so I can some work done.

But that’s the thing about balance. There are downs and ups. My daughter isn’t going to grow up lamenting all the time she spent watching videos and Netflix. She’ll remember all the fun we did have together when I wasn’t working.

Heidi reminds us that, as long as everyone is fed, clothed, healthy and happy, then you are doing just fine.

Check out more of her advice for finding balance in her article here.

8. Crystal at Money Saving Mom: Delegate and Dump

Mother of four Crystal Paine runs a site that helps mothers save money and manage their personal finances.

When it comes to blogging and being a mom, Crystal believes that delegating and dumping responsibilities is the key to being a successful blogger. She emphasizes the importance of creating boundaries when it comes to running your blog.

This means not feeling obligated to people and projects and maintaining focus on your blog’s goals.

This is also great advice for life as well. There is nothing wrong with expecting the members of your household to pitch in and take care of responsibilities. The more hands you have helping, the more time you have to blog.

You can also look at the unnecessary activities in your life that can be “dumped” in order to free up time.

Just be sure you aren’t sacrificing those moments you need to take care of yourself.

You can find more of Crystal’s tips here.

Wanna Add to This List?

If you’re a blogging mama and have some tips you want to share when it comes to balancing motherhood and blogging, drop them in the comments below!

Don’t forget to leave a link to your site. šŸ™‚

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