14 Free Feminine WordPress Themes for 2020
14 Free Feminine WordPress Themes for 2020

I remember when I started playing around with blog design many a moon ago…actually, “design” may not be an appropriate term.

Back then it wasn’t so much “design” as it was throwing together as many cool things as possible in a layout to wow and amaze your visitors.

Which we used to count without analytics, by the way.

Anywho, blog design has evolved since then and audiences nowadays are gravitating toward simplistic and eye-pleasing design.

And nothing is more eye-pleasing than feminine blog templates.

Here are 14 amazingly feminine, and amazingly free, WordPress templates you can use for your blog:

(And with some HTML and CSS tweaking, you can individualize them to be unique to your image and brand!)

1. Laura Lite

Laura Lite by Premium Coding is a minimalistic theme with soft tones. It is fully responsive and focuses on beautifully displaying your content and photos.

2. Elegant Pink

RaraThemes offers Elegant Pink, a responsive and SEO optimized theme that is as sweet as it is beautiful. There is also a pro version available.

3. Anissa

Anissa is an elegant typography theme with a feminine design. You can customize the header image and utilize the featured post carousel. This theme is designed as a commerce site.

4. Mary Kate

Mary Kate by Angie Makes is a WordPress theme with a fashionable design and soft color palette. This responsive design is also available in a premium theme.

(Psst! Angie Makes is a great resource for feminine WordPress themes!)

5. Sugar and Spice

If you’re looking for a chic and feminine WordPress theme, look no further than Sugar and Spice. This theme is geared toward weddings but the colors and backgrounds are customizable to fit your blog or business!

6. Blaskan

Blaskan is a clean design that uses simple girly colors for a feminine look and feel. The theme is entirely responsive as well.

7. Adelle

The Adelle theme for WordPress is a minimalist 2-column theme. The confetti header design with the contrasting black features makes this a wonderfully simple girly theme.

8. Crimson Rose

Crimson Rose features a beautiful water-color design. It has a completely customizable color scheme and allows you to integrate marketing plugins into the theme.

9. Clippy

Clippy may not sound like a feminine theme, but its design begs to differ. This is a pin-style theme that integrates with Pinterest. It uses fun, girly fonts to beautifully display a magazine style.

10. Kale

Lyra Themes (the creators of the theme used for this site) brings us Kale, a feminine theme designed just for foodies! It allows you to use large featured images along with a customizable background and beautiful fonts.

11. Blossom

Blossom by Blossom Themes is pretty and chic and features custom theme colors and header image as well as a banner slider to display your latest post or categories. This theme is perfect for lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogs!

(FYI, Blossom Themes is another great resource for feminine WordPress themes!)

12. Juliet

Another beautiful design from Lyra Themes, Juliet is as feminine as it sounds. This subtle and girly design offers 2 theme styles as well as a front page banner and an off-canvas menu.

13. Savona

Savona by Optimal Themes is a modern and feminine WordPress theme for both entrepreneurs and bloggers. Its modern and minimal design is completely responsive and SEO friendly.

14. Enamored

Beautiful Dawn Designs offers Enamored, a simple and clean WordPress design. It is a basic theme design, with a premium version available, but it does offer a variety of great features for bloggers.

Have you used any of these, or another feminine theme, for your blog?

Drop your link in the comments below!

(I may even feature your blog in future updates of this post!)

Coding, design, and writing are my happy places. I can lose all track of time when I’m working on my blogs.

I hope here at MNC you will find the answers to your questions and some inspiration to make your blog or site really totally cool!

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